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Immediate Edge Review Canada

Automated trading on cryptocurrency exchanges is becoming more and more popular. Cryptobots trading capabilities allow investors to automate the process of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and get higher income. Investing has become much easier with this tool.

  • Investing options
  • Products, markets, & assets
  • Deposits & withdrawals
  • Fees & costs
  • Platforms & usability
  • Safety & reliability
  • Research & analysis tools
  • Education & learning resources
  • Slow technical support
  • No fees or commission

Immediate Edge analysis

Automated trading on cryptocurrency exchanges is becoming more and more popular. Cryptobots trading capabilities allow investors to automate the process of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and get higher income. Investing has become much easier with this tool.

Immediate Edge is a program for trading cryptocurrencies, which uses intelligence technology. Thanks to this, users can conduct transactions with bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies, getting more income on the crypto markets.

In the Edge review, let’s look at the features of Immediate Edge trading bot, analyze the features, the claimed percentage of margin trades, commissions, and the setup process.

The automated system uses a trading algorithm, which based on market signals, graphical calculations, statistical data, methods of recognizing patterns of forecasting transactions assesses the current situation, making transactions, if it will bring income.

The trading robot has the following features:

  • An automated cryptobot can significantly simplify the trading process. The trading process is automated, Edge platform performs operations independently, but before launching the user must select and set its own strategy, based on the provisions of which the bot will assess what is happening. The trader will also need to set limits on the use of funds.
  • Daily profits are available in Immediate edge, as well as a success rate of up to 99%.
  • Edge trading platform provides the ability to conduct high-yield cryptocurrency trading, which allows traders to achieve the desired results.

What Immediate Edge represents?

Immediate Edge is a trading platform with the ability to automate trades, which has become the discovery of investors who want to earn using the cryptocurrency market:

  • With a smart system based on artificial intelligence technologies, processes, robotic programs, Edge platform gives users to earn passive income without spending much time.
  • AI allows the robot to determine the expected returns of transactions by predicting the fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices.
  • The cryptocurrency market is subject to changes, making it difficult to predict. Immediate Edge protects its transactions from currency volatility, not only preserving its own funds but also earning long-term income.

Cryptobot analyzes the markets and helps traders make informed decisions when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Facts about the Immediate Edge platform

Immediate Edge is a trading platform tasked with predicting the outcome of trades based on:

  • the results of the conducted analysis of the operational data base;
  • transactions carried out previously;
  • crypto market signals;
  • graphical information;
  • statistical information.

The robot searches for patterns of changes in the asset price, placing trades that should bring income to the trader.

When using the platform, investors can expect a 90% return on their income. It should be noted that if an investor is considering using Immediate Edge, it is important to do personal research, assess the dangers, potential benefits associated with this program.

Platform parameters:

Purpose of the programRobotized system for automated trading
Minimum deposit available for placement250 dollars
LegitimacyEdge trading platform is legal, it functions according to the legislation of the countries of presence
Probable percentage of profitable transactions of the botAccording to the founders’ claims, the bot is able to make 99% of operations in plus
Fee for using the programNo
Fee for profile registrationNo
Commission for withdrawal processing2% of the investor’s income
Additional software purchase tariffThe trading software provided free of charge is self-sufficient
Speed of receipt of money to the Edge account of the user when making an applicationUp to 24 hours
Size of leverage set4000:1
Mobile applicationNo
Demo account to familiarize yourself with the system’s capabilitiesYes
Customer supportTech support service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Profile verificationMandatory
Automated cryptocurrency tradingAfter customization, the bot performs transactions automatically

Who owns the platform?

The software is developed by a team of traders who have created algorithms for automated trading based on market analysis. Users use the program to automate trading operations, but have no control over the software.

The team closely monitors the latest market trends, current state of the industry to enhance Immediate Edge’s ability to manage trades.

Profitability of bitcoin bots: reasons for success

If a bitcoin trader has entered the cryptocurrency market for the first time, he probably does not have his own proven trading strategy. It takes a lot of effort to understand the basics of the market, but using trading systems of automatic data analysis, of which Immediate Edge is a vivid representative, gives an advantage in trading. Thanks to AI, the investor has access to accurate news and also utilizes analytical tools to predict changes.

Bitcoin bots are popular for several reasons:

  • Trade automation.
  • Data analysis.
  • Emotional neutrality.
  • Market monitoring.

Bot profitability depends on various factors including settings, algorithms, market conditions.

Bots for bitcoin: trading cryptocurrency with the advantage of speed and efficiency

The potential of artificial intelligence is that the program increases the probability of winning, showing a success rate of up to 99%. This is possible due to the speed of response to market changes and the fact that an automated cryptobot analyzes a large amount of data in a short period of time.

Automatic trading based on logic

Automated trading on cryptocurrency exchanges avoids human errors. Absence of impulsiveness, influence of emotions is the main key to successful trading:

  • Feelings that influence decision making lead to financial losses.
  • With the automated trading technology available to Immediate Edge, an investor can avoid risky trades.
  • The trading robot algorithm has a strict set of selection conditions, the program lacks the ability to make irrational decisions.

Continuous edge cryptocurrency trading

A trading bot is a tool that traders use that allows them to capitalize on the trading opportunities of the market. The bot works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows the investor to make transactions 24 hours without being restricted by working hours. This way, a trader can invest without taking time off from his business at any time.

Testing strategies: opportunities

Another advantage is the ability to test strategies:

  • The system of filters, which the user customizes independently, allows to quickly check different trading options.
  • Traders get the opportunity to study the market, identify profitable moments of buying or selling cryptocurrencies.
  • A trading robot not only ensures continuous operation, but also helps traders make informed decisions and increase their earnings.

Why use trading robots?

The use of cryptobots in investing allows you to automate the trading process. A mechanical trading system, or trading robot, is an asset management tool used when an investor has a clear, formalized trading strategy. Bots are able to automate aspects of transactions, including:

  • discovery;
  • accompaniment;
  • position closing.

Automated trading with the advantage of using robots:

  • Exclusion of the influence of emotions;
  • reducing the likelihood of losses due to human error;
  • Trading robots are able to follow set algorithms without deviations.

In addition, such programs are able to work 24 hours, 7 days in a row, providing additional trading opportunities.

High potential profitability at low risk.

Investing with the help of cryptobots can be a profitable way to earn money. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, constantly under threat. When trading manually, traders are often caught up in losses, whereas automated cryptocurrency trading allows:

  • The ability to react instantly when the situation changes;
  • make deals at the most opportune moment;
  • Modern algorithms quickly process any amount of data.


Edge platform is a reliable cryptocurrency trading tool that helps users make money while guaranteeing a sufficient level of security. By utilizing proven data protection technologies, traders can focus on making transactions without worrying about the safety of funds.

Working with Edge: principles

Immediate Edge is an innovative trading platform that offers great investment opportunities. The program uses advanced artificial intelligence to optimize trading processes, to help users make high-yielding trades.

Algorithms running on the Immediate Edge platform have advantages over human capabilities:

  • are able to process any amount of information online;
  • Are quick to make decisions;
  • Conduct accurate trading operations;
  • robotic trading system makes investments in such a way as to ensure profitability;
  • The software manages investments by selling at a profit.

Immediate Edge the app that traders use allows them to receive payouts after every successful trade. The user has the right to choose whether to start trading again or withdraw funds.

How to use Immediate Edge easily?

Immediate Edge makes efforts to allow users to trade in the plus side:

  • Edge site is simple and straightforward;
  • the company provides an opportunity to use a free trial account, which is necessary to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of the site;
  • a useful video guide is available to help you understand the nuances of the services provided.

Trading bots: trading strategy and trading principles.

The world of cryptocurrency trading is volatile and extremely prone to volatility. Therefore, one cannot rely on complete automation with the help of bots. The bot is able to conduct thousands of transactions in a short period of time, but without a competent strategy, each of them is unlikely to be profitable.

Automated trading tools.

The program provides the ability to use automated trading tools that simplify the decision-making process, allowing traders to quickly note market changes. Due to this, users can earn income even when volatility rises.

Trading using arbitrage.

With algorithms as well as the ability to identify trends quickly, the robot helps you earn more money. Arbitrage Edge cryptocurrency trading is another tool that allows you to manage assets from different platforms. Immediate Edge automatically scans the prices of exchanges and markets, using discrepancies to trade supported cryptocurrencies.

Real cryptocurrency trading based on market trends

The possession of actionable information has a major impact on the formation of trades. Immediate Edge allows traders to stay up to date and make effective decisions before changes can shake a financial position.

The bot also accumulates information about price trends, predicting the direction of market movement.

Price trends: analysis, forecasts

Cryptocurrency markets are fast evolving and a cryptobot helps traders to keep abreast of the latest trends and changes. In a volatile trading market, changes in asset prices occur at an extraordinary speed, which creates obstacles for traders in accurately determining the value of an asset. With Immediate Edge it is easier to monitor the markets, as the software uses the collected data to predict the possible price of the asset in the long term.

Sources of knowledge and resources for additional training

For successful trading on cryptocurrency markets, you need to have a minimum of basic knowledge about trading. In addition to a training trial account, traders have the opportunity to receive training materials of various platforms:

  • YouTube;
  • Blogs;
  • websites.

Live streaming also serves as a source of knowledge. Live streaming in trading – broadcasting of events that take place online in the financial markets. This can be broadcasting securities, exchange rates, futures, options and other instruments.

Graphs and tools for visualization

Immediate Edge is a platform for buying or selling cryptocurrencies that provides users with access to an extensive range of situational assessment tools. Among them, an important place is occupied by customizable charts and graphical tools that help to track asset price fluctuations. The filter system allows you to customize the program to the needs of users, making profitable trades.

Key features of Immediate Edge: analyze and edge cryptocurrency trading

The Immediate Edge trading system has impressive functionality. Among the platform’s features, every trader will find what suits him or her best. Let’s list the facts that make the use of the mentioned software a suitable choice for beginners and established specialists. Below are the trading parameters that distinguish the robot from other trading automation platforms.

1. Multi-asset edge trading with an advantage: opportunities of versatile assets and cryptocurrencies

Immediate Edge is a trading platform that allows you to trade not only cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this, users can expand their portfolio with more earning opportunities. More than 250 types of cryptocurrencies are available on the platform, including popular ones:

  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Etherium (ETH);
  • Dogicoin (DLightcoin OGE);
  • Ripple (XRP);
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) as well as more rare and exotic currencies.

Due to the volume of available assets, users can easily find the right one for investment purposes.

2. Individual configuration of trading parameters

An elaborate system of filters allows you to customize the system for any trader’s strategy.

3. Ideal for beginners

The user does not need specific knowledge or extensive experience in cryptocurrency trading.

4. No additional commissions

The program is free of charge, there are no commissions for registration, customer service or software usage. The service sets only the fees for trading using a bot. In this case, the fee will be 2% of the earnings amount.

5. Start trading without risk

Edge trading platform gives users the opportunity to open a demo account and practice trading with virtual funds without losing their personal finances.

6. Increased payouts

Edge automated trading site can bring up to 2200 dollars per day. However, the amount of earnings directly depends on the degree of danger the investor is prepared to take, as well as the amount invested. The larger the investment, the higher the chances of earning income.

7. Fast transactions to deposit or withdraw funds

After filling out the appropriate form, traders receive money within 24 hours.

8. Advanced features of the operating base

Thanks to the robot, experienced traders get the opportunity to trade various assets, monitor, analyze information, which allows to replenish the investment portfolio.

9. A variety of payment methods

The aspect that attracts investors to this trading bot is the ability to choose from several payment options. This is important for those who have to search for appropriate payment methods. This allows to ensure the comfort of traders.

10. Customer Support

Visitors can seek help around the clock using a phone call or a dedicated personal account form.

11. Intuitive interface

IImmediate Edge has a simple navigation, which provides the most comfortable use of the program.

12. Options of high-performing assets for investment

The service provides access to liquid assets, which ensures the profitability of trading operations.

13. Flexibility in placing trades

Immediate Edge provides the ability to place and maintain multiple profitable deals simultaneously. The use of a sophisticated algorithm as well as artificial intelligence capabilities makes this trading bot feature indispensable for experienced traders.

14. Free software

There are no mandatory platform fees, the only requirement is a minimum deposit of 250 dollars, which the trader uses as a starting capital for the first transactions.

15. Mandatory SSL certification

Partnerships between the platform and CySEC licensed brokers guarantee the safety of users.

Variety of leveraged trading opportunities

Leverage is a financial tool that allows investors to increase their purchasing power by borrowing additional funds from a broker or going to a bank. Leverage gives investors to earn more income by increasing the danger of losses.

The Immediate Edge platform offers a leverage of 4000:1, which allows you to borrow up to $4000 for every unit of your own funds. Through this mechanism, investors can maximize returns.

This financial instrument has the following features:

  • The use of leverage is an effective way to increase returns.
  • Thanks to this mechanism, investors invest more than they own. It allows traders to replenish the portfolio with new assets.
  • Access to additional resources helps to maximize the potential portfolio returns.
  • Investors using leverage are able to assess changes in the current market situation faster.

However, despite the attractiveness of leverage, one should be aware of the possible dangers involved. If a transaction ends in a loss of funds, the trader loses not only the funds invested in the investment, but also the amount he received from the broker.

Opening long and short positions

Long and short positions in investing refer to strategies that are used to capitalize on price changes:

  • A long position is the purchase of an asset with the hope of growth in price. The investor receives a return if the price of the asset increases.
  • Short position – selling an asset with the expectation that it will fall in price. The investor receives income if the price of the asset becomes lower.

Long and short positions are used both separately and in combination with each other when creating investment strategies.

Immediate Edge is a trading robot that makes margin trading available to every trader.

Investment tips for newcomers to the stock exchange

If you want to maximize your investment returns, contact a professional investment advisor and get expert investment advice. Those who are just starting to explore the world of crypto trading can learn a lot from the professionals. For this purpose, it is necessary to listen to the advice of experienced investors:

1. Start with the basics. Do not neglect terminology, study the market, results of past transactions. This will help you better understand what is happening in the market and what trends are leading to profits.

2. Create a trading strategy and stick to it. This will keep the clarity of thinking while trading.

3. Manage risks. Use stop losses and do not invest more than necessary. This will minimize losses, preserve capital for future investments.

4. Stay cool, don’t make decisions under the influence of emotions.

5. Study bitcoin news that changes the market.

6. Stick to the chosen strategy.

7. Strive to improve your skills: read books, participate in webinars and trainings, communicate with experienced traders.

Trade cryptocurrency with advantage with the demo account tool

Before you launch the bot and start investing, you need to use the Immediate Edge simulator. Demo trading will allow you to study the program functionality without the threat of losing your own funds. When making transactions with virtual funds, the user can choose a strategy and understand how the software works.

  • Take the opportunity to start with a small amount

A prudent approach to working on trading platforms is to choose the lowest possible initial investment. It is important to gradually increase your investment, thereby increasing your income.

  • Be prepared to lose money

When making a deposit, it is important to remember that you should only invest free funds that will not collapse your financial situation. The cryptocurrency market is a high-risk segment, where you can quickly make and lose money. Therefore, before deciding to make an investment, you need to analyze the opportunities, making sure that the move will be justified.

Trust the professionals

Traders prefer to use automated trading systems that help reduce threats by increasing efficiency. Immediate Edge has many features to help generate income. In particular, the trading platform cooperates exclusively with CySEC-licensed brokers who take on the issues of helping traders in account management. Investment advice goes like this:

  • Ensure regular withdrawal of profits

Timely withdrawal of money received as income when trading on the platform will help to promptly track the impact of the amount invested.

  • Take time to analyze your account

The key element of successful trading is to analyze the content of market data and their correct interpretation. Monitor the statistics of operations in order to make educated decisions, achieving the desired results. Tracking of successes or failures allows you to correct actions, achieving greater success.

  • Maximize passive income gradually

It is recommended to invest only those funds that a trader is able to lose without consequences. For example – additional income or money set aside as investment capital.

  • Track the progress of transactions

The cryptocurrency market is unstable, so be prepared for price changes, promptly changing your strategy based on the received data.

Potential profit from using Immediate Edge

Investing using a robot helps in generating stable returns on a long-term basis. The amount of possible income with a cryptobot reaches $1,500 per day, but profitability directly depends on several factors:

  • Market situation, price fluctuations.
  • The trading strategy chosen.
  • Bot settings.
  • Investment size.

Is Immediate Edge the right trading platform for you and what does it have to offer?

Immediate Edge provides automated cryptocurrency trading services using artificial intelligence algorithms. This is useful for experienced traders and beginners who want to increase their profitability and also reduce the time spent on analyzing the market. Sophisticated, clear interface, advanced functionality, and the ability to contact customer service for assistance at any time make the platform extremely attractive to traders. Thanks to cryptobots, investing in cryptocurrencies is becoming accessible to everyone.

Discovering the secrets of trading with Immediate Edge?

To start trading Immediate Edge, you need to register by funding your account. Next, you should select currencies, as well as set the parameters of transactions (investment size, risk level, strategy). After that, the trading platform will automatically start trading using algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies. The investor’s task is to monitor the statistics, adjusting the strategy in a timely manner.

Step-by-step instructions for creating an account on the Immediate Edge platform

Registration on the platform is required to start working with the bot. The administration of the portal has taken care of the convenience of users, so the procedure for creating an Immediate Edge account is logical and simple. To start working with the bot, you will need to follow a few steps:

1. Proceed with registration

Registration of a new user starts with filling out a mandatory form. In the highlighted fields you will need to enter information about:

  • valid phone number;
  • e-mail address;
  • country of residence;
  • personal data.

Provide only the information that corresponds to reality, otherwise the subsequent verification of the profile will be difficult.

Registration on the platform requires confirmation of identity. To confirm the data you need to:

  • To present at the request of the system a document confirming identity;
  • confirm your phone number;
  • confirm your e-mail address.

It is important to make sure that the email is protected and not hacked to secure cryptocurrency assets.

This protocol helps to protect users from the threat of fraudulent behavior. Without completing the verification, you will not be able to access the full range of system features. Buy bitcoins, as well as other altcoins can only those visitors to the platform who have verified the profile.

2. Account funding

The next step a new user must take is to make a deposit to the account. In the specified bot, the minimum deposit is 250 dollars, the upper limit is 15,000 dollars.

For the transfer, the visitor can choose one of the methods supported by the site:

  • transfer through the chosen bank;
  • MasterCard and Visa payment systems;
  • Skril;
  • Webmoney;
  • PayPal.

It is important to note that the deposit can be funded with supported fiat currencies.

3. Learn the basics of trading with the demo account function

When the account is created, use the training tool called “demo account”. Demo trading is a trading process that imitates the market. It helps to understand how the bot works, learn basic skills without the danger of losing money.

4. Apply online trading skills on Immediate Edge

After training, you can proceed to the Live Trading function. This tool allows you to manually control the transactions made by the bot, to make positive trades thanks to its precise knowledge of events and trends.

5. How to withdraw money from Immediate Edge

When the Edge account is opened and the first profit is received, the user must create a request for withdrawal of funds. This will require;

  • Visit your personal account;
  • open the “Withdrawal of funds” tab
  • fill in the opened form
  • specify the desired method of receiving funds;
  • confirm your intentions by entering the code sent for verification.

How to close an account on the Immediate Edge platform.

If a trader wishes to stop cooperating with Immediate Edge, he can delete the account. To delete the account one should:

  • Contact customer support staff.
  • Authorize and erase personal data through the appropriate functionality.
  • Receive instructions from customer support staff, then follow the instructions to deactivate the account.

On which devices the Edge app is supported?

Immediate Edge is available on devices that have the technical capability to provide access to the World Wide Web. The program is accessible through any web browser. This bot does not have a mobile app, but the software works smoothly on all available devices:

  • tablets;
  • smartphones;
  • laptops;
  • desktops.

In which countries is the robot available?

Immediate Edge trading bot functions in any state where real cryptocurrency trading is not directly prohibited by law. The trading software is available in over 150 countries, which include:

  • USA;
  • France;
  • Canada;
  • Australia;
  • Germany;
  • Indonesia.

Available languages

The trading bot interface supports thirteen different languages. These include, for example:

  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Spanish, etc.

What payment methods are available on Immediate Edge?

To start trading cryptocurrencies, the user must fund a deposit account. To do this, you can use any method offered by the system.

Payment methodFeatures
Visa and Mastercard payment systemsNo commissions, transfer is received in a few minutes
PayPalThere are no commissions, money is received instantly
SkrillThe payment system does not charge a fee, the time for transferring funds is 24 hours
WebMoneyNo commission, transfer period – 24 hours

How to make a withdrawal from Immediate Edge?

The trading robot does not have its own accounts, where users’ money is stored, so all settlements are made through the intermediary of licensed brokers cooperating with the platform. Brokers help traders to use the program of automatic trading on the cryptocurrency market. Money is received within 24 hours after the application is submitted.

To make an application, a trader will need:

  • Enter the personal cabinet by entering the login and password received during registration.
  • Open the “Withdrawal of funds” tab.
  • In a special form specify the amount to be withdrawn.
  • Choose the desired method of funds transfer.
  • Enter account details.
  • Enter the verification code from the sms-message, confirm the withdrawal.

Immediate Edge prices

The trading platform guarantees no additional trading fees and costs when accessing the functionality. Once a trader has made a minimum deposit, access to the trading software is opened without any hidden fees or monthly subscription fees.

Other types of expenses

Edge is completely free for users. Any payments, subscription fees and commissions are absent. The only fee that the platform charges traders is a trading fee, which is paid when making a withdrawal request. Its size is 2% of the amount of received profit.

Limits in Immediate Edge

The service sets the following limits for working with a deposit account:

  • The minimum deposit is 250 dollars.
  • The limit of the amount that can be transferred one time is 15,000 dollars.

At the same time, the size of the amounts that can be invested is not limited, the user can purchase currencies for any amount desired.

What factors should be considered when starting to work with Immediate Edge?

Before working with Immediate Edge bot for automated trading, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Promptness in order processing.
  • Verification, profile control.
  • Limits, restrictions. The platform has set the minimum deposit and the maximum amount of one-time replenishment of the account. There are no restrictions on the amount of investment.
  • Fees. The program is free, you only have to pay 2% of profit when withdrawing funds.
  • User feedback.
  • Tech Support. Customer support works 24/7, specialists are professional and friendly.
  • Affiliated brokers. When registering, each user is connected to a broker that is a partner of Immediate Edge in the specified country.

What are the dangers of using Immediate Edge for trading??

Despite the positive aspects of automating trading activities using specialized bots, it is necessary to keep in mind the dangers that are inevitable due to market volatility.

Situation tracking

Constant monitoring of the process, control, timely adjustment of the strategy – a guarantee of profitable investments. Automated trading does not allow you to rely on a robot, as an uninterrupted internet connection is essential for the program to function. In case of access interruptions for one reason or another, the bot will not continue working.

To ensure minimum losses when trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, it is necessary to constantly analyze your mistakes and adjust strategies. Therefore, traders should regularly monitor the work, minimizing threats to avoid financial losses.

Reducing the level of autonomy

Refusal of discretion is one of the sides of automation of trade with trading bots. Market volatility, regular changes in the value of assets leads to the fact that the profitability of the operation is directly affected by the ability to quickly change the course of the transaction. With bots it is not always possible, so the key to profitability is the choice of a competent strategy at the stage of starting work.

Could Immediate Edge be a scam?

Edge platform for automated cryptocurrency trading guarantees users security. Trading software is not of a fraudulent nature, increasing the return on investment.

The legitimacy of the site is confirmed by the facts listed below:

  • Edge platform supports partnership relations only with those brokers who have a CySEC license.
  • Immediate Edge applies a sophisticated algorithm based on CFD technology, which automates investment activities, allowing to increase the profitability of investments
  • The Edge site is secure and protected from hacking by special encryption protocols.
  • The software is operated through a distribution registry (DLT).

How safety and regulation is ensured at Immediate Edge

One of the parameters of choosing an automated trading program for an investor is the security of the system. Immediate Edge users have a guarantee that the software is legal, does not contradict the legislation of the countries of presence, and the company takes care of data security.

Immediate Edge: fraud or legitimacy?

Immediate Edge is a legal site, legally operating in countries where real cryptocurrency trading is not prohibited.

Is Immediate Edge a safe platform for trading?

The trading bot is safe, which is confirmed by the following facts:

  • Mandatory verification of the profile of any user who has registered makes it possible to protect honest investors from fraudsters.
  • SSL encryption protocol is used to protect visitors.
  • Edge review also confirms that the service has a rather serious privacy policy.

Users can rest assured that their rights are protected?

The privacy policy of the trading robot is regularly improved in order to ensure the safety of the platform visitors’ funds. In addition:

  • Immediate Edge has nothing to do with keeping money, as all transactions are mediated by legitimate brokers.
  • The platform complies with laws on the protection of personal information, which confirms the adherence to EU regulations (GDPR).
  • The software is protected by the AES 256 protocol, which allows encrypting investors’ information in such a way as to protect them from cyberattacks.

Privacy is one of the key aspects of security when using the robot.

Regulation of Immediate Edge?

The activities of companies that are directly related to the organization of cryptocurrency trading are controlled by a number of international organizations. These include:

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Profile Verification

Identity and account verification is a prerequisite for accessing the site’s functionality. The procedure allows preventing the appearance of fraudsters, thus protecting good traders. Without verification, the visitor will not get access to Immediate edge features, will not be able to buy or sell currency.

Immediate Edge: customer support service.

Availability of an accessible customer support service is the advantage of the platform. Immediate Edge experts are available to consult on any robot-related issues, solving problems as they arise.

You can contact the service in the following ways:

  • By calling the hotline (specified in the profile).
  • By writing an e-mail.
  • Asking a question through a special communication form. Live chat available 24 hours a day.

Up-to-date information about events in the world of cryptocurrencies: bitcoin news

One of the main tasks of a trader is to search for information about the content of news that affect the price dynamics of assets.

Bitcoin continues to grow in value in 2024. Bitcoin has risen 15% in the last month, reaching the $28,000 mark. This is due to the growing interest in cryptocurrency from investors such as MicroStrategy, which recently announced over $1 billion in bitcoin purchases.

However, bitcoin is also facing some challenges – there is a decline in the number of new users, a drop in trading volume. In addition, some countries have begun to impose restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies, which negatively affects the value of cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, bitcoin remains one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Volatility as well as growth potential make it an attractive asset.

Does Immediate Edge receive endorsements from celebrities and brands?

Despite the fact that there are a lot of notes appearing on the web about this or that person working with Immediate Edge, no official statements confirming these rumors can be found.

Mentions in news feeds or television programs

Immediate Edge is regularly discussed in the community, but the company has not been featured on TV news stories.

What other users say about the platform: Edge review and opinions

Immediate Edge is a popular platform among traders, so there are a lot of reviews of this trading bot. Such popularity is due to the reliability, profitability, and simplicity of the interface. Visitors of specialized forums, including Reddit, note the advantages of the robot, among which are often indicated:

  • The presence of an elaborate filter system;
  • interface simplicity;
  • Possibility to switch between automatic and manual trading.

Is Immediate Edge the only choice or are there other alternatives available?

In the world of cryptocurrency trading, the following programs are often used for automation:

  • Bitcoin Bank is a bitcoin trader, the distinctive feature of which is the availability of many tools for working with this cryptocurrency.
  • Qumas AI – a robot that uses artificial intelligence capabilities to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
  • Ethereum Code is a trading robot that uses the Ethereum blockchain to perform operations with selected assets.
  • Immediate Connect – a universal bot that is suitable for working with any assets.
  • Bitcoin Revolution (Bitcoin Revolution) – the profitability of this bot tends to 60%, the work is based on the data analyzed by AI.
  • Bitcoin Era – a trading robot for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, capable of making transactions on behalf of the trader.
  • Bitcoin Prime (bitcoin prime) – a program that guarantees the safety of users. The platform is popular among beginners in cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Bitcoin Lifestyle (Bitcoin Lifestyle) – a robot whose main specialization is the automation of trading in cryptocurrency assets.

It is important to make sure that the selected cryptobot provides confidentiality to protect the user’s personal data and funds.

Some brokers provide their own cryptobots for automated trading on the cryptocurrency market.

What are the main characteristics that distinguish Immediate Edge from other platforms??

Among the many trading robots that operate in the market, Immediate Edge stands out due to the following factors:

  • versatility.
  • Territorial availability.
  • efficiency.
  • Analytical base.
  • Simple interface.

Why you should consider choosing this bitcoin robot?

Among the programs for automating trading, Immediate Edge is different:

1. Large selection of currencies. More than 250 types of assets are available, so users have the right to choose any cryptocurrency for trading.

2. Easy registration.

In order to get access to the system, you need to fill out a special form with a minimum of information.

3. Regular profit.

Cryptobot allows you to ensure minimum risks when trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. The robot monitors the market 24 hours a day. Clients of the platform can withdraw income an unlimited number of times. In addition, all statistics of operations are available in the user’s personal cabinet around the clock.

4. Easy to understand even for beginners.

The interface of the program is friendly, so even those who are just starting out in the world of crypto trading can get started.

5. To reduce the danger of investing in cryptocurrencies, you should have a minimum of information about current trends and news.

Advantages and disadvantages of the platform

The Immediate Edge program has both advantages and disadvantages.

Prompt processing of applicationsDemo-trading is available only after the first payment equal to the amount of the minimum deposit is received on the account
No fees for trading operations.The program is not available in all states
Partnership of many affiliated brokersEdge application for devices supporting mobile operating systems does not yet exist
Possibility of automatic trading
Cryptocurrency arbitrage functionality.
Many payment system options provided for depositing funds.
Minimum deposit
Functionality of manual trading settings
Analytical apparatus
Data security
Competent user support

What we liked about Immediate Edge: impressions.

In our opinion, Edge review revealed the following features of this trading robot:

Evaluation criterionScoresFeatures
Registration4.6 out of 5It is enough to fill out a form with a minimal set of information
Account replenishment, money withdrawal4.6 out of 5The deposit and withdrawal procedure is simple, money is received no later than 24 hours from the moment the request is made
Availability of assets, variety of trading methods4.7 out of 5Over 250 cryptocurrencies and a range of other assets are available. Users can choose both manual and automated trading methods
Technical support for clients4.8 out of 5Professional and round-the-clock
Security4.4 out of 5Advanced data encryption protocols are used

Try Immediate Edge: technology in action.

Immediate Edge cryptobot allows you to start trading cryptocurrencies without losing money. The use frees up investor’s time, only 20 minutes a day is enough to monitor the current situation. The trader only needs to adjust the strategy, or switch to manual mode if necessary. The interface of the robot is simple, so even beginners will be able to understand it.

New opportunities

A trader will always be one step ahead of those players who trade independently. This is due to the presence of analytical apparatus, which allows you to quickly collect data, assess the situation and make transactions aimed at buying or selling currencies.

Reasons to use Edge app

There are many reasons why you should start trading with Immediate Edge, all of which contribute to increased profits and investment performance. Below we will mention some of them:

  • Trading success.
  • Automation of the trading process.
  • Wide range of available assets.
  • System legitimacy.
  • Database of information for analysis.
  • Minimizing threats.

A platform you can rely on

Reliability of cryptobots depends on several factors such as software quality, data accuracy, effectiveness of trading strategy, security, support. Immediate Edge has all the conditions for users to be confident in the security of their data, as well as the reliability of the platform.

Withdrawal without commission

The software is provided free of charge to users. There are no hidden commissions, subscription fees and other charges. Traders pay 2% of the final profit amount when making withdrawal requests.


The review of Immediate edge platform has shown that it is one of the best tools for automating trading activity, an effective tool for making money on the fluctuations of cryptocurrency rates and an important assistant that facilitates investing. The speed at which it makes trades, analyzes data, and makes course corrections trading can minimize investor risk as well as increase the return on assets. Trading software is suitable for beginners and experienced traders. It is also worth noting the free distribution – there are no commissions for using the bot.

That said, it’s important to remember that investing can be risky, so it’s worth consulting an expert and getting investment advice to minimize potential losses.


Two-factor authentication is a security system that requires the user not only a password, but also an additional factor, such as a code sent via sms or the use of biometric data (fingerprint, voice, etc.).д.).

Algorithm – a sequence of actions to be performed to solve a certain task or achieve a goal.

Altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies) – all cryptocurrencies except bitcoin.

API – a set of tools and rules that allow developers to create software that interacts with other programs or software components.

Bear market is a situation on financial markets when asset prices (stocks, bonds, currencies, etc.) are low.д.) have been declining for a long time

Bull market – a financial market where asset prices are rising and investors expect this growth to continue.

Leverage is a financial mechanism that allows investors to use borrowed funds to increase investment opportunities.

Mining – the process of extracting cryptocurrency such as bitcoin by using special equipment and solving mathematical problems.

A trading robot or bot is a program that automatically analyzes the market and makes decisions to buy or sell assets using predefined algorithms and strategies.

Helpdesk is a support service that assists users in solving problems or questions regarding the use of the software.



Is Immediate Edge compliant with legislation?

Yes, it is not illegal to use the program. To determine whether this trading bot is fraudulent or legitimate, our review will help you.

Is there an Edge app for smartphones?

No, there is no app yet.

Is it possible to earn income with Immediate Edge?

Of course, the main thing is to adjust the strategy in time, minimizing the risk of losing money.

What are the chances of success when using Immediate Edge?

The success rate with the trading bot is up to 99%.

Is there an option to delete an account?

You can delete your profile by contacting our technical support team.

Is it safe to use Immediate Edge?

Yes, the program is safe, user data is securely protected by encryption protocols.

How much time is required to work with the bot?

No more than 20 minutes per day.

What is the cost of using Immediate Edge?

The program is distributed free of charge.

Is it possible to rely on the Immediate Edge trading platform’s withdrawal system??

Yes. Applications are processed quickly, and money is deposited to the Edge account within 24 hours.

Are there any withdrawal fees or commissions??

No, there are no commissions or other fees charged to users. Traders pay only a trading fee of 2% of profit.

How to become a member of Immediate Edge?

● Go through the registration process and verify the account.

Do I need knowledge about cryptocurrency trading to get started with Immediate Edge?

Specific knowledge is not required, but studying the base and experience of other traders will allow you to make your own strategies.

Are there any threats associated with the use of Immediate Edge?

Real cryptocurrency trading is always fraught with dangers, but using a bot helps to reduce the threats.

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