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Today, in this post, we review Immediate Edge Canada, a trading robot that claims to guarantee unlimited profits to all traders. But is this a reliable bot or just a scam? In this Immediate Edge review, we’ll examine how Immediate Edge works and explore the specifics of this trading software, from its cryptos to fees to the claimed success rate.

Immediate Edge reviews highlight some of the features of the auto trading platform and what investors stand to gain by using it. Here is an overview of the Immediate Edge platform:

Minimum deposit$250
Withdrawal time24 hours
Trade success rate99%
Mobile app None
Supported cryptocurrenciesBTC, ETH, XRP, LTC

What is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge trading robot

Immediate Edge Canada is an automatic trading robot committed to generating immeasurable profits for everyone who invests in cryptocurrencies. Created by Edwin James, this trading platform is equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology and a matrix to predict profitable trading signals.

This software has developed Fibonacci trading strategies and advanced trading algorithms that promote the automation of trades by removing human effort. Simply, AI bots decipher market movements. Ultimately, they carry out the trades in place of the investor. In terms of usability, Advanced AI trading bots do the necessary work to improve the trading experience for beginners. That being said, Immediate Edge promises daily profits ranging between $950 and $2,200 to all its customers. Even more, it claims a return rate of over 90%, meaning if it takes  100 trades for you at least 90 will be right.

How does Immediate Edge work?

Like other automated trading systems, Immediate Edge Canada claims to use a robust algorithm to inspect, evaluate, and find good trading signals. In other words, this automated trading bot prides itself on having developed the most advanced technologies for trading in automatic mode. Therefore, we can cite three types of technologies: AI ( Artificial Intelligence ), NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning). In short, no one can control the operation of this robot. To start investing on Immediate Edge, you must first create a user account and fund it with at least $250. You can also practice on the free demo account. Next, you will need to define your trading preferences.

Remember that you don’t need to be a financial whiz to use Immediate Edge trading software. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this automatic crypto trading robot will help you get better returns when trading cryptocurrency.

Quick withdrawalsA limited number of cryptocurrencies
No trading feesDemo account accessible after first deposit
Wide choice of deposit and withdrawal methods
Free demo account.

The Immediate Edge AI platform offers its users algorithms that use artificial intelligence. These algorithms are robots that scan the market to spot patterns and trends by analysing historical data. When these algorithms spot patterns that have produced gains in the past, they inform you so you can decide whether to invest. You can configure the software to open and close positions if you wish.

Regardless of how your auto trading account works, you must configure the crypto trading bot yourself. In other words, you must at least establish your trading strategy. The trading bot will then implement it for you. Furthermore, a few parameters must be defined: the amounts to invest, stop losses and take profits, levers, etc.

When you finish setting up the Immediate Edge software, its trading robots get to work; they start analysing. When you win, you can withdraw your winnings within 24 hours. The platform does not make money by debiting your account. Everything you earn comes back to you.

Additionally, Immediate Edge bot would work with reputable brokers who help you configure the software after signing up. According to the site developers, their trading robot is 99% accurate. But this is extremely unlikely, especially in a market as volatile as cryptocurrency.

How much can you earn with Immediate Edge?

If we stick to the information relayed on the official Immediate Edge website, it is said that this cryptocurrency bot promises you disproportionate profits. Therefore, the software claims a daily added value of $950 to $2,200. It doesn’t stop there because its owner suggests that its accuracy rate is 90%. If we follow correctly, this software promises nine successful trades out of the ten that you can make. If these performances are only the best, and on a daily basis, they prove to be slightly less, the profitability remains appreciated for our Immediate Edge opinion.

Features of Immediate Edge

In this section of our Immediate Egde review, we present some features of this trading robot.

Free demo account

The demo account allows novice traders to learn how to use the software. The demo mode offers a chance to see what types of trades the bot would execute and what your profits and losses would be. It also allows you to change certain settings of the trading platform in a secure environment. Configuring a trading robot the best possible way the first time takes work. Traders with experience can use it to invent and refine their trading strategies. Do not invest your $250 without fully understanding how the Immediate Edge software works; you might regret it.

Quick withdrawals

A 24-hour withdrawal period is fast enough to be appreciated, and this is what Immediate Edge system offers. In passing, We can also understand that transactions are carried out in several ways: credit card, transfer, and electronic wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. You can deposit in the following currencies: USD, CAD, EUR, and JPY.

Global Accessibility

You can use Immediate Edge bot from over 150 countries worldwide. Indeed, the platform is also translated into many languages ​​, including French, English, Brazilian, Turkish, and Romanian. Customer service is available via online chat and email for any issues.

High profits

According to the developers of Immediate edge trading bot, promises weekly profits of up to 90% of your investment. In other words, its success rate is very high. However, this is a marketing promise, we have no proof or guarantee that these alleged gains are real. Every investment is at risk.

Automatic Trading

Using its automatic trading algorithms, Immediate Edge saves beginners the need to monitor the market to spot opportunities. Since Immediate Edge uses an algorithm to trade cryptos on your behalf, it can transact in the crypto market 24/7 , without ever taking a break.

The platform is fully automated , so there is no need to manually enter transactions or even monitor your account throughout the day. Immediate Edge recommends that traders log in for 15-20 minutes per day to see how your account is performing. More interestingly, you can launch this trading system via the dashboard after just a few setups.

User-friendly trading platform

In our opinion, the Immediate Edge website is very well-designed and easy to use. Indeed, the interface is clean and easy to understand. The site is translated into several languages ​​, and the French version is reasonably well-translated. You will have no trouble creating an account on the site. You will start with a simple form to fill out.

How to register on Immediate Edge Canada

  • Register on the Immediate Edge Canada website.
  • Practice in demo mode on the bot’s demo account
  • Make a first deposit into your account
  • Configure your robot and let it trade

Potential investors can start their trading adventure on the Immediate Edge trading bot by following the four steps described below.

1. Open an Immediate Edge account

First, go to the official Immediate Edge website and fill out the registration form.

You must provide the following basic information: your complete name, email address, phone number, and password. As soon as you arrive on the site’s home page, you will find a form ready to be filled out. You will need an email address and a phone number. We advise you only to use addresses and telephone numbers that you can get rid of later.

After that, the system verifies the information provided and the identity of new traders. You will receive an email to notify you once verification has been completed. After creating your account, you must identify yourself. The Know Your Customer (KYC) approach is easy. You send a few identity documents, and that’s it. Then, the trading robot will automatically connect clients with a reliable broker to start trading. For the broker to care for you, he must also identify you. You will need identification and proof of address. In addition, you may require proof of bank account or payment method.

2. Practice with the demo account

Second, once your Immediate Edge account is active, it must return to its free demo account. Then, the robot rewards you with fictitious funds of $1,500 to practice trading. Immediately after the deposit, Immediate Edge will activate your demo account. It will allow you to practice to learn how to configure the software. The broker you contacted will help you configure the software. In general, the setup depends on your trading goals.

The demo account of this trading software is essential for any beginner trader since it allows them to get used to this platform. Access to the cryptocurrency software in the demo is an excellent point. It will enable you to do all your tests without risking your money.

3. Deposit funds to Immediate Edge

Third, it’s time to deposit funds into your account so you can invest for real. Go to the deposit page, and the system will redirect you to the chosen broker to replenish your account. You must deposit at least $250 to start live trading with Immediate Edge and hope to win real money.

The minimum initial deposit at Immediate Edge is $250. As a reminder, you can only deposit $10,000 per day and $40,000 per month. Finally, the site offers the following payment methods: Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, American Express, and Webmoney.

4. Enable auto trading

You are now ready to use the software, and you have money in your account. Enter settings such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Leverage. When it’s done, start trading and wait for your profits. Finally, you can access the live market to make timely trades. Finally, we advise you to determine the particularities of risk such as Take Profit and Stop Loss. This would limit profits and losses.

Fees and commissions on Immediate Edge trading software 

Indeed, Immediate Edge does not require any fees for any registration on this automated trading robot. Likewise, no fees are charged when depositing funds or withdrawing profits.

Furthermore, this auto trading program ignores hidden fees, meaning its costs are transparent.

Creating an account, making your first deposit and setting up the trading software is free. Even when you win, the platform does not take anything from your winnings. Withdrawals are also free.

Note, however, that the financial institution that will process the withdrawals may charge commissions. According to the platform’s developers, there are no hidden fees. But one might still wonder how Immediate Edge makes money. Low costs for using and withdrawing funds are advantages in our Immediate Edge review. This allows you to maximise your earnings, rather than financing the platform.

Is Immediate Edge a scam?

Immediate Edge: scam or legit?

No, the Immediate Edge bot is not a scam. It’s simply an algorithm that sells and buys cryptocurrencies for you. You can also use the demo mode, completely free, if you want to test the platform in order to deposit money.

Of course, trading using a bot doesn’t mean you’re going to make money for sure. Any investment involves risks and we must not forget that cryptos are very volatile.

Immediate Edge Trading Bot Characteristics

Here are five key points that characterise Immediate Edge cryptocurrency trading software:

1. Automation and usability

2. System Verification and Security

3. High Success Percentage

4. Rapid Withdrawal of Funds

5. Test the Trading Robot in Demo

What makes Immediate Edge unique? Users find this section interesting. Here are the specifics of this cryptocurrency bot.

1. Automation and usability

Immediate Edge is an ergonomic and user-friendly trading platform that allows any newly registered trader to use it easily. You do not need any prior trading experience to trade with this robot. In addition, AI algorithms ensure this crypto bot’s automatic mode. AI, ML, and NPL technologies allow the robot to do everything for the investor. What’s positive in our Immediate Edge review for novice traders?

2. System verification and security

The Immediate Edge robot works closely with brokers affiliated with major financial institutions, sufficiently demonstrating that this trading software is reliable. This trading platform also adopts a strict verification protocol for its new clients and uses an encryption system to protect customer data.

3. High success percentage

By promising a 90% success rate, Immediate Edge administrators have captured the attention of more crypto traders who want to make money. That being said, it is possible to get between $950 and $2,200. In our opinion, these gains seem unreal because trading is risky. However, after verification, the robot is indeed profitable! Also, this remains a good point for our Immediate Edge review.

4. Quick withdrawal of funds

On Immediate Edge, you can withdraw your profits whenever you want. This process can last less than 24 hours depending on the withdrawal request. Such a short delay is rare and palpable. This is a new positive point for our opinion on Immediate Edge.

5. Demo Account

During our analysis of the Immediate Edge platform, we appreciated that this cryptocurrency trading software offers a free demo account. After registering, go to this bot’s area to access the trading simulator. This is a no less negligible step to understand the platform better, establish your trading strategies and learn crypto trading.

Immediate Edge Online Reviews

The customer testimonials found on the Immediate Edge website are satisfactory overall. After reading all these comments, we deduce that operation and profitability are the strong points of this trading software. Many people on various review websites boast that they are currently living luxurious lives thanks to this revolutionary robot.

We also reviewed the different reviews of this online trading site. While some people appreciate this software, others reserve their use. Overall, the Immediate Edge forum reviews earned a cumulative rating of 4.5 out of 5. The Immediate Edge platform needs to record the identity of its developers. Additionally, its claimed 99% success rate is quite exaggerated. It’s not impossible; it’s just too difficult to achieve.

Despite these grey areas, Immediate Edge works with reputable brokers regulated by CySEC. You can create an account there to get a clear idea of this platform. For a start, you can only invest what is strictly necessary. Immediate Edge has very efficient customer support. This service is available seven days a week and 24 hours a day. All your requests will then be processed with alarming speed.

Despite Immediate Edge reviews likely to tarnish its image, we were satisfied during our test. However, it is crucial to investigate each auto trading robot to learn more about its customer service.


In our opinion, Immediate Edge cryptocurrency trading software seems reliable. At the end of our Immediate Edge review, it can be confirmed that we are in front of a legitimate crypto robot, which claims to guarantee high financial added value. During our test, we were pleasantly surprised by its ease of use for novices and its profitability.

Hundreds of platforms offer automatic trading services. But then, what is Immediate Edge worth? This automatic trading robot that promises 99% gains. It’s a bold promise that the platform is trying to fulfil with its AI-powered algorithms. We have not been able to verify the accuracy of this percentage, which seems too good to be true.

To start using its auto-trading software, you must create an account, verify your identity, and deposit at least $250. The platform does not impose any fees. Even if you win, you withdraw all of your money. Immediate Edge appears to be an ideal platform for trading. However, as we have indicated, it is impossible to verify its success rate; in addition, the identity of its developers remains mysterious.

Therefore, we recommend that you only invest money you can lose. In addition, it is worth remembering that just because you use a trading robot does not guarantee you profits as cryptocurrencies are very volatile. And if you are looking for reliable and profitable trading software, using Immediate Edge may be worth your while. However, to invest in it while minimising the risk of loss, take the time to test the different parameters with the demo account.

Risk Warning: Investing involves risks and is not suitable for all investors. The loss may be equal to or greater than the amount invested. Never invest more money than you can afford to lose. Also, note that this article may include affiliate links, but our content and results from our tests remain objective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is an automatic trading bot application that promises to create massive passive revenue. It claims to use AI, NPL, and machine learning technologies to secure investment in automatic mode.

Is Immediate Edge Trading Software Legit?

Without a doubt, Immediate Edge presents the guarantees of a reliable crypto bot. There are two main reasons for our position. Firstly, this robot is associated with genuine brokers. Second, it uses KYC and SSL encryption protocols to secure users’ data and funds.

Is Immediate Edge suitable for beginner traders?

Immediate Edge is ideal for anyone new to online trading. It offers a friendly user interface and a demo trading feature. Added to this is the autonomy of transactions, making improving the expected profit possible.

Is Immediate Edge paid?

According to our test, Immediate Edge is free if it does not charge fees for the services offered: registration, deposit, and withdrawal. In other words, there are no hidden fees or commissions.

What is the starting capital to invest with Immediate Edge?

To start trading on the Immediate Edge trading platform, you must deposit a minimum initial amount of $250. Given that the crypto market is volatile, we recommend only investing this initial amount to minimise the risk of loss.

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